Camp Nelson Soldier James M. Gray


Here are some of the things I have from my great-grandfather James M. Gray at Camp Nelson from Nov. 1863 until sometime in 1865. 

Two Poems written at Camp Nelson.
gray_poem2.jpg First Poem

Notes on chronology of his life

05-01-1840  Born at  home on Beaver Creek, Floyd County, VA10-29-1860   Poem: It’s Not Been Long, Simpson’s P.O.
11-20-1860   Poem: ‘My Familiar Friend’, Simpson’s P.O., VA.
05-10-1860   Poem: ‘Tobacco Chewers’, Simpson’s P.O., Floyd Co., VA
01-24-1861   Essay: ‘The Broken Hearted’ [
02-02-1861   Poem: ‘Tell Her I Love Her Yet’, Simpsons PO, Floyd Co., VA
02-02-1861   Poem: ‘ Beauty in Nature [Flora]’, Simpson’s P.O., VA.
05-17-1861   Poem: ‘To Elzora, Simpson’s P.O., Floyd Co., VA
06-14-1862   Poem, _______________, Locust Grove, Floyd Co., VA
07-xx-1862   Poem, ‘Lines…to Virginia R.S.’
07-24-1862   Account of dream while ‘camped at Mrs. Muse’s’, Franklin Co.
08-xx-1862   Conscripted forcibly into Co. I, 54th VA Inf, Wythville, VA
11-30-1862   Letter to Father from Wythville
12-11-1862   Letter to Mother from Wythville
12-20?-1862  Moved (by train?) to Petersburg
12-25-1862   Letter to Father from Petersburg down now Route 460
01-06-1863.  Letter to Sister from Franklin, VA
02-09-1863.  Oath of Allegiance at Ft Monroe, VA
02-xx-1863   Ship to Baltimore from Ft Monroe
03-20-1863   Letter to Parents from Philadelphia
08-17-1863   ‘Went to Camp Nelson. KY.
09-11-1863   Grandfather Joseph Howard Gray died
01-xx 1864   Trip to Cincinnati, Ohio
04-11-1864   Poem Camp Nelson, Handley, KY
Summer 1864  Clerk at steam saw mill, Camp Nelson; was ‘sickly’
09-16-1864   Note at Camp Nelson, KY {no JMG name on it]
03-04-1865   Poem Camp Nelson, KY
         1865    Working in sawmill as clerk accounting lumber produced for “Negro cots, machine shop, wagon shop, Mooneys Coral, saw mill, depot magazine.
04-xx-1865   Poem: ‘The Rocking Cradle Ladies’, Camp Nelson, KY
07-06-1865   Camp Nelson: Letter to President of US requesting Postmaster. 
09-13-1865?   Oath of Allegiance to US taken at Jacksonville,(Floyd, VA}
11-13-1865   Camp Nelson: Date on return address mail label
04-27-1867   Ltr from M. Scott to Floyd? from Jassamine, KY
09-25-1870   Married Nancy Ellen Lester
02-01-1872   Child born:
10-xx-1872   Name in ‘Union Handbook’, Simpsons, VA.
02-24-1874   Child born:
03-06-1876   3d child, boy, born and died
03-22-1877   Child born at Daniel’s Run
10-22-1879   Child born at Locust Grove
04-13-1879   Moved from Locust Grove to Graysville, VA
04-29-1879   Note: buying land from Mr Pelham
11-17-1879.  Moved from Graysville to Roanoke
12-02-1881.  Child born:
09-24-1882   Editorial:  Locust Grove, VA.
09-04-1885   Editorial:  Locust Grove, VA.
01-19-1887   Child born: 09-24-1889
03-24-1889   Letter of Affidavit on Camp Nelson service written by Joseph T. Turner
09-24-1889   Died age 49.
01-19-1892   Application for Civil War pension returned by lawyer to Nancy Ellen Lester Gray.

Submitted by Jan M. Gray

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